Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Setting up OpenFiler 2.3 for VMWare ESXi storage

so I'm looking to set up openfiler as a storage backend for VMWare ESXi, just wanted to include some notes here, since the examples I've found in the forums isn't what I wanted to set up (disk sizes were fairly small).

So, main thing to remember is that OpenFiler doesn't handle the automated partitioning of the hard drive you're installing it on.  Best info I've found on this (without purchasing the Manual) is on Greg Porter's Wiki.  He has much excellent info on Openfiler, and I would highly recommend reading through his info.  This list here is just intended to be a quick checklist of things that need to be done to get this set up.

really rough run-down:

1. Get disk set up in RAID 5 on Dell 2850 (or hardware of your choice), preferably in hardware RAID rather than software RAID.
2. Boot from Openfiler 2.3 install disk (x86_64 in this case.... what, you haven't downloaded it already? (=  )
3. Using Graphical install, manually partition the disk as follows:
       /boot : 100MB ext3, Fixed size, Force Primary
       / (root): 2048MB ext3, Fixed size, Force Primary
      swap : 2048MB swap, Fixed size, Force Primary
4. Finish install (time, root password, etc.)
5. update, update, update (I've had some issues with this from the webgui; however, per the last entry of this forum, using "conary updateall" from the command line worked just fine.)
6. see Greg Porter's Wiki about the iSCSI reboot issue to prevent your stores from vanishing from the network upon reboot.  Last thing you want is for your system to boot and your services to fail.

At this point, you should be able to log in to OpenFiler, configure your shares, and get rolling.

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