Friday, April 15, 2011

DRAC4 Password Reset

So, building out a system for my work, and need DRACs for Out-of-Band-Management.  Found some Dell Poweredge systems on ebay for cheap (2850's and 6850's) and tried to access the DRAC cards with the default login....

didn't work.  )=

Looking for information on the web has taken most of the last week, since Dell's docs don't make it clear where the tools you need are, and what needs to be installed for them to work.

Goal: have Out-Of-Band Management on a storage system (Dell 2850 running OpenFiler).

I'm eventually going to run Openfiler on this system, but have installed CentOS 5.5 x86_64 to be able to complete this reset

Someone else ran into the same problem (used Dell's tools on windows), and the command that eventually resolved this for them was RACADM.  (see forum here).

in following the link on that forum, the CD that installed was not the correct one (the CD they list is for the initial install, I was looking for something I could install on an existing system).

So, here's the route that I went (racadm tools on CEntOS/RHEL 5.X):
(for 2850, this has been used to reset a DRAC 4/I)

Get Dell's RACADM installed on the system (instructions here)

Now, you can reset the card and be on your merry way:
      racadm racresetcfg (resets the DRAC)
      watch -n 60 racadm getsysinfo (lets you know when the DRAC has finished the reset)
      racadm setniccfg -s <rac ip addr> <netmask> <gateway>

Open a browser, point it at http://<RAC ip addr>, accept the certificate, and log in with the dell DRAC default login of username: root, password: calvin

I should also mention that to get the DRAC reset, these commands need to be run locally on the system, not over the network (however, you can connect over the network after the reset has been performed).

Hopefully this will save some folks headaches related to getting into the DRAC cards they have.  Overall process should take about 30-60 mins.

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