Sunday, March 3, 2013

Linux printing to a Windows Shared Printer - update

This is an update to my previous post about getting my printer working.

Basic set-up was a network print server that was already set up and working with Windows (XP and 7).  Goal was to add the printer to a Linux system without affecting any existing set-up.  I tried CUPS, but ultimately used LPD/LPR to get it working.

My previous post was for RHEL/CEntOS 5.  This update relates to RHEL/CEntOS 6, and can be done from the Gnome Desktop.  These instructions assume that you already know the host IP you're using as your print server

In the following instructions, enter the root password if you are prompted for authentication:

  1. Click System > Administration > Printing
  2. Click the "New" button
  3. Enter password if prompted
  4. Click the "Do it later" button to change your firewall settings (you shouldn't need to change them)
  5. Enter Root password if prompted
  6. Expand "Network Printer" in the left tree
  7. Select "LPD/LPR Host or Printer" in the left tree
  8. In the right side, enter your information
    • (in my case, Host: 192.168.x.x, Queue: Samsung_2010)
  9. Click "Forward"
  10. Select your printer make from the database and click "Forward"
  11. Select your printer model from the left tree, and the driver from the right tree
  12. Click "Forward"
  13. Enter a unique name for the computer (line #1), a human-readable name (line #2) and a location (line #3)
  14. Click "Apply"
  15. When prompted, click "Yes" to print a test page

You should be set at this point!

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