Friday, January 25, 2013

BitBucket: git familiar with Atlassian's repo service

I've recently started using a new hosted git provider: Atlassian's BitBucket.  While most everyone out there is probably using github, there were two things I noticed about Bitbucket that I liked:

  1. They have made https work for checking in with git version 1.7.1 (default yum install git from CentOS 6.x)
  2. They allow the option to have private repositories

While I am a huge supporter of open source software, until now, I wasn't aware of any public cloud options for having a private repo without setting up a billed account (other than installing and managing your own server).  Simply put, I'd rather not add yet another copy of whatever tutorial I'm working through to the web.  (I will however, write about it :) )  Not everything should be public.

I'm also interesting in hearing what you have to say about this.  Will you be migrating everything as soon as you can?  Will you be sticking with GitHub?  Some mix of the two?  What arguments could or should be considered for paying for this kind of service?  I do have to say that I'm glad there is another option, since competition leads to better products and services for those using them.

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